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Our services


We Maintain the value of your property by taking all landlord-related tasks out of the hands of the owners. We advise, We Maintain, We buy, We Sell, We rent, We develop and inspect the assets with the best possible interest.


For several national and international clients we provide the full service in Maintenance. Al General Maintenance, HVAC and MEP services are familiar with us. We keep your stores in a good condition without disturbing the business.

General contractor

We Build, We Create, We love what we do. Development of property or building stores. We love the responsibility as a General Contractor and to create together

Integrated services

Stay focused on your core business and we will take care of all your hard- and softservices. Trough our intergrated approach We Maintain the quality and achieve several advantages for our partners

we treat your stores and assets as if they were ours

Some of our facts


We take care of a portfolio of more than 52 properties with tenants and we assist our clients by creating more value to their assets by development.


In more then 100 stores we preform General-, HVAC & MEP maintenance in 6 different countries.

Integrated Services

We take over all hard- en softservices and make sure that all certification and maintenance is done in a correct way for several clients.

General Contractor

We designed and build a traditional pancake restaurant in the touristic sector.

We added new sales floor to a store and took care of the remodeling of exciting space.


We realized an instore new Kids Department and were responsible for the HVAC and MEP installations.

We were responsible for the MEP installations of four new stores.


We rebuild the storefront windows and reinforced the flooring of a jewelry brand.

We created 4 new appartement in the city center of Amsterdam.

For several partners we are active in several countries: the Netherlands Belgium Denmark Germany Sweden Luxembourg






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